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Alcohol: level 3

If you were looking forward to getting a drink in level 4 this weekend, you’re out of luck.

5,000 cases

South African Covid-19 cases will pass the 5,000 mark today. 450 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday, bringing the total to 4,996 with 93 deaths,...

Business as usual

As mass testing returned to Alexandra this week, a pair of goats by one of the testing stations was not observing social distancing.

WhatsApp grants

How do you apply for the R350-per-month Covid-19 grants for unemployed people? The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) has tested its system of registration for...

Wurst case scenario

Like South African health workers, German doctors don’t have enough protective clothing to treat Covid-19 patients. Not enough masks, aprons or gloves. So they’ve stripped naked to protest.

Spaza shop Samaritans feed the poor in Alex

Ethiopian spaza shop traders - the victims of xenophobic attacks - have donated R30 000 worth of food and protective equipment to the poor in Alexandra. “The donation is to show that we are all humans and we are faced with one enemy,” said one of the traders.

Just Jik-ing

President Donald Trump shocked the world this week – even more than usual. He said on TV that bleach could be swallowed or injected to cure the coronavirus. Then he said he was just joking.

Counting Cory

On Thursday night, as the president addressed the nation, South Africa had 3,953 Covid-19 cases with 75 deaths and 1,473 recoveries. 143,570 South Africans...

First case in SA’s poorest region

Alfred Nzo District in the East Cape, regarded by Stats SA as the poorest region in SA, has recorded its first case of Covid-19.

SANDF rifle robbery

Two soldiers and a civilian have been arrested for stealing a large number of army weapons from a Pretoria base.  The stolen firearms were hidden...

What about bars, sports?

Forget it.  When the rules change on May 1, the president announced that some restrictions will remain in place, in all levels of alert, for...

More Metro lockdown?

The country's biggest metropolitan municipalities could stay on maximum lockdown after Friday 1 May. When the new, less tough rules start, Johannesburg, Cape Town, eThekwini...

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