Skomota snoozes during interview

By Rorisang Modiba

Thabang Sefela, known as “Skomota”, who became famous for his unique dance moves on social media and his crazy interactions with women, had many people talking on social media after he was seen nodding off and falling asleep during an interview with Richy B. 

He was on the podcast with his tour manager Skhothane sa Pitori. 

It is unclear whether Skomota was bored with what was being discussed or was just exhausted from his hectic party lifestyle.

The Limpopo entertainer – whose life radically changed after he won R3-million on a soccer bet in August – recently made headlines because of rumours that he was being exploited by his manager, Moruti wa Dikota, who allegedly stole his money. 

It was also recently revealed that Skomota, who has had a lifelong passion for betting and gambling, allegedly has a pregnant wife.

Pictured above: Skomota.

Image source: X


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