‘My wife is pregnant’ — Skomota 

By Rorisang Modiba

During an appearance on Richy and LeJoy’s Podcast, entertainer Thabang Sefala, better known as “Skomota”, said that his manager, Moruti Wa Dikota, informed him he wasn’t receiving complete payments after events.

He also shared that his wife is pregnant. 

Social media users flooded the post with words of advice for the viral sensation, and many were shocked that he is married.

“Skomota says Moruti Wa Dikota gives him R1,000 after gigs and sometimes does not pay the full amount. Skomota’s charge rate is allegedly R35,000,” one user wrote. 

However, it was revealed that the money goes into Moruti Wa Dikota’s accounts.

“Skomota should get a professional artist manager and pay him well, he will thank me later,” another user wrote. 

Skomota said he has cancelled all his upcoming performances.

Pictured above: Skomota.

Image source: File


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