Red Bull’s F1 team will recover

By Dylan Bettencourt
Sports Editor

The Red Bull Formula 1 team’s loss in Singapore on Sunday – their first of the season – will mainly be a minor disappointing blip on the radar for the team. 

While it was a great race for neutrals and fans of any other team besides Red Bull, the fun is likely to be short-lived. 

Max Verstappen and Red Bull will probably be back to their best this weekend in Japan. 

It was certainly refreshing to see the top cars running within five seconds of each other on the final lap, something fans of the sport have not seen for a long time. 

Red Bull supporters have been accustomed to Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton crossing the line several seconds ahead of the next car. 

And a Formula 1 fan can only dream of seeing more competitive racing such as that on show in Singapore, but I won’t hold my breath. 


Verstappen did well to claw back into fifth position despite starting 11th – but for the first time this season, the Red Bull car didn’t perform up to scratch. 

Red Bull’s other driver, Sergio Perez, managed to finish in eighth place in what was a weekend to forget for the entire team. 

But as disappointed as fans may be, the normal order of business is set to be restored at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan where Red Bull claimed a one-two finish last year. 

The fact that Red Bull failed to win a race for the first time this season is an indication of just how dominant they have been. 

For Verstappen, Singapore also ended a run of 10 victories in a row, a record the young champion now holds. 

Rubbing salt into the wounds of the rest of the sport, there are only seven races to go and this was the first mishap Red Bull has had. 

At least it was fun to see other teams and drivers on the podium, but it may not last long!

Pictured above: Max Verstappen

Image source: Red Bull Racing

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