‘I am blessed by God!’ – Shebeshxt survives car crash

By Doreen Mokgolo

Shebeshxt seems to have nine lives after tempting fate yet again. 

The South African musician was involved in a near-death accident and escaped without any injuries on Tuesday afternoon.

He was driving with a friend from Seshego to Polokwane when he drove into the back of a bakkie. 

A source at the scene, Thapelo Mogwase, told Scrolla.Africa that Shebe was driving at high speed attempting to skip a red light when he crashed into a bakkie that had stopped. 

“We heard screeching tyres which were followed by a loud bang. We thought the people in the GTI would be dead or badly injured,” he said.

“We were shocked when we saw the musician getting out of the driver’s side. He didn’t have any visible injuries or any bleeding to show that he was injured.” 

The musician is known for his rebellious ways on the road, he is often seen on social media, interacting with his fans, enjoying a can of an alcoholic beverage and smoking while driving.

After the accident, the Lebowakgomo-born hitmaker was seen posing for pictures with fans as if he had not just survived a life-threatening accident.

The two were taken to hospital in an ambulance but were discharged after being seen by a doctor. 

Shebe took to social media to deny claims that he was admitted to hospital for injuries.

“Rushed to hospital ke kwa ka lena mo Facebook, hospital go ile koloi. Ke nagana go reka mountain bike gosasa.” 

Loosely translated he said he only heard about his admission to hospital on social media.

He said he is now considering buying a mountain bike.

In recent months the musician has disclosed that he has survived numerous attempts on his life and thanked his ancestors for protecting his life one more time. 

Pictured above: Shebeshxt.

Image source: Facebook


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