Troublemaker Shebeshxt is a rebel on the road

By Doreen Mokgolo

If there is a musician in South Africa who is not afraid to bend the rules it is Shebeshxt.

Born Lehlogonolo Chauke, the “Ke di Shxt Malome” hitmaker, who struts around topless, is, without doubt, the music industry’s number one troublemaker. 

In one of his latest videos, the musician can be seen singing along to Rethabile Khumalo’s “Ntyilo Ntyilo” while interacting with his fans and appearing to smoke and enjoy a can of some kind of alcoholic beverage.

All this with his fans cheering and sending him love emojis and messages. One fan asked him how he is driving, smoking and holding a phone at the same time.

Another fan encouraged him to buy a cellphone holder.

In the video, the musician said: “I greet everyone who said I was going to die or go back to prison and then disrespect me with compliments of the New Year wishes.

“I am not afraid of anything. Wherever I go with God and have a Bible with me, I pray,” he said.

This is one of the many videos that the musician has taken while driving, being live on social media and interacting with his fans.

According to traffic law, driving a motor vehicle while holding a cellphone in one’s hand or other body parts is prohibited and can lead to a motorist being issued with a notice amounting to R500.

This also constitutes driving a motor vehicle recklessly and negligently disregarding the safety of persons, which can lead to a straight arrest.

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Police Department (EMPD) spokesperson Constable Lerato Monyane said drunk driving is not negotiable at any given stage. It is also a straight arrest and it is prohibited.

“No one regardless of their social standing has the right to be under the influence of any intoxicated substance at any given point on any road.

“We are discouraging this behaviour. This not only puts the driver’s safety at risk but also other motorists. If anyone is found breaking the law they will be charged accordingly,” she said.

Pictured above: Shebeshxt.

Image source: Facebook


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