ANC gunning for Nongoma Local Municipality

By Lungani Zungu

Numbers don’t lie. After joining forces with the EFF, the ANC suddenly has the upper hand in the IFP heartland of Nongoma in Zululand.

This means the ANC-led coalition can take over the running of Nongoma Local Municipality for the first time in history.

It all begins with a vote of no confidence already tabled this week by the EFF, ANC and National Freedom Party’s (NFP) alliance against IFP mayor Albert Mncwango.

The municipality in the north of KwaZulu-Natal was governed by an IFP-EFF coalition after no party secured an outright majority during the November 2021 elections.

It is now up for grabs after the collapse of the IFP and EFF coalition.

The numbers are in favour of the EFF-ANC and NFP coalition and starkly against the IFP.


The IFP has 20 seats, NFP 14, ANC eight, EFF two and the National People’s Front one seat.

Combined, the EFF- ANC and NFP grouping has 24 seats compared to the IFP’s 20 seats and probably one seat from the NPF, which would likely take the side of the IFP.

The only way Mayor Mncwango could survive is if some councillors from the EFF, ANC or NFP would not toe the coalition line and vote against the motion.

Nongoma is one of the 29 municipalities governed by IFP in KZN. Of these, ten are on the line following the falling out of the party and the EFF.

Nongoma, under Zululand District Municipality, boasts a string of tourist attraction sites – including six royal palaces – hence the nickname – the Royal City of the Zulu Nation or Ihlalankosi in IsiZulu.

IFP could lose all the privileges of the government of this region, which is rich in history.

Pictured above: IFP Nongoma mayor Albert Mncwango could lose the mayoral chains if the motion against him succeeds 

Image source: Nongoma Municipality website

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