Everson Luhanga

Zodwa Wabantu shocked Mzansi when she had a vaginal tightening operation in 2019. She said it was to please her young boyfriend and give him maximum pleasure. But that’s not the only surgery she is planning.

“My next move is to have an operation to get big boobs,” the 35-year-old dancer told Scrolla.Africa.

“I haven’t had the operation because doctors tell me I must wait two months after the operation before I go back on stage and I’m fully booked until March,” she said.

She said she is also planning an operation that will make it more pleasurable for the woman.

“When you are having sex it becomes more sensational the better the enjoyment of the woman,” she said.

Zodwa, real name Zodwa Libram, has met a mature businessman boyfriend. 

“I’m not revealing his name for now, but he is a great man and very mature. We’ve had sex a couple of times and I love him more every day,” she said.

Zodwa, who is known for dancing without any underwear, said her family, and especially her 14-year-old son, knew she was working. 

“My career is like everyone else’s. Bank executives wear suits, but nobody questions them. Why would people question me? I am being true and honest to myself,” she said. 

She said her son has never complained. 

“He is at a good boarding school and he is very close to me. I love my son and he has always loved me.”

She said she is not planning to have more children. 

“If I ever have more children it will be the grandchildren from my son. I’m happy to raise them,” she said.

Zodwa said she doesn’t do much exercise. 

“I eat what I feel like eating. I drink alcohol and my body stays beautiful,” she said.

“I have all the gym equipment at home but I don’t use it.  I do things that make me happy. I stay in shape by being a happy soul,” she said.