This xibelani will knock you out but it will also set you back

Kamogelo Muvhenzhe

It’s called a xibelani and it’s a traditional Tsonga skirt that can cost you anything between R1,500 and R3,000, tops. The skirt usually has a short top layer across the hips and a knee-length skirt. The material has been developed over years. 

Yesterday, designer Rich Mnisi shocked many when he revealed his latest collection, called  Hiya kaya, which is Tsonga for Going home – and the woolen xibelani is marked for R59,999. 

Many people on social media were shocked. They said the price was ridiculously high. 

But here are a few facts about Mnisi’s “special” xibelani that will break the average buyer’s bank balance:

  • It is made of 100% Merino wool, a natural fibre from Merino sheep. The wool is said to help regulate body temperature and keep you dry as the fibre naturally absorbs and releases moisture, which means less sweat on your body and on your clothes and it is also fire resistant. 
  • It is knotted onto nickel-plated D-rings. These are mild steel shapes in the form of the letter D. They can be used at the end of a leather or fabric strap, or can be secured to a surface with a metal or fabric strap.
  • It is attached to a waist belt made of 100% genuine Nappa, full grain, calf leather. Nappa is used in a range of items such as handbags, gloves, coats, wallets, shoes and car interiors.

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