Taxis stand empty in slow shutdown

By Karabo Ramuttla

On a typical Monday morning, Denneboom taxi rank in Mamelodi is a hive of activity.

The rank is the transport hub of Mamelodi and it is situated next to Denneboom train station.

But today, taxi drivers are playing cards; some are eating magwinya with vendors while others are sleeping inside their taxis.

This seems to be a pattern across the country. From Bosman taxi rank in Pretoria to Bree Street taxi rank in Joburg, it’s a slow day for taxi drivers.

Last week the South African National Taxi Council announced that it would be business as usual for taxi operators in the country and that they would not participate in the nationwide protest. 

But today taxi drivers wish they could have stayed home.

Taxi driver Sonnyboy Maben, told Scrolla.Africa that he arrived at the rank at 4am and there was not even a single passenger.

“On a normal day that is when passengers start coming in, but today a few passengers came after 6am. I slept a bit in the taxi, woke up to find no passengers and fell asleep 

again,” he said.

He said drivers wasted their time.

“It’s a waste. I could have slept in my bed comfortably. Now we have to feel pity for a few passengers and take them to their destinations with half empty taxis.” 

A vendor at the rank, Girly Sibanda said she will make a loss.

“By 6am I usually would have sold a 20l bucket of magwinya. It’s 9am and I haven’t sold half of it.”

Pictured above:Taxi ranks and train stations are empty as most passengers stayed away 

Image source: Karabo Rammutla


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