Princess Bukhosibemvelo makes her move in the Zulu game of thrones

Celani Sikhakhane

It appears the trouble at the Zulu royal house is far from over. Blood relatives of the new King Misuzulu kaZwelithini are trying to dethrone him before he has even ascended to the throne.

It’s alleged that his younger sister, Princess Bukhosibemvelo Zulu Nyawo, and his uncle, Prince Mbonisi Zulu, have penned a letter asking the king to step down.

Reliable sources from the Royal family revealed that relations are currently less than adequate and that senior members have had to try to intervene to and unite Misuzulu and his sister.

“Princess Bukhosibemvelo has made it clear that the only person who is supposed to be on the throne is Prince Simingaye, King Misuzulu’s younger brother,” said one source. 

“Their grandmother, Queen Mavis, and their aunt, Princess Nondumiso, have tried to convene a meeting to talk to all the siblings but it appears there is no solution.”

Royal family spokesperson Prince Thulani Zulu confirmed that the letter to dethrone King Misuzulu was sent to him. 

“I can confirm that there is a letter which was sent to the King,” he said. 

Another source revealed that the fight against King Misuzulu’s ascension to the throne by his younger sister Princess Bukhosibemvelo started while their mother, Queen Regent Shiyiwe Mantfombi MaDlamini Zulu, was still alive.

“Princess Bukhosibemvelo told his mother that she should not dare nominate Misuzulu. She wanted the last born Prince Simingaye, who is a farmer, to be king,” a second source said.

The preferred Prince Simingaye was born in 1991 and just like Misuzulu he was born to the late Queen Mantfombi and King Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu.

Scrolla.Africa has been informed that the Royal rebels have decided that Queen Sibongile MaDlamini of Khethomthandayo should be appointed to act as a Regent until the process to appoint the new King is finalised.

Attempts to get comments from Prince Mbonisi and Princess Bukhosibemvelo were unsuccessful.