Nadia Nakai releasing AKA tribute song

Rapper Nadia Nakai is pouring her heart into music with a tribute song dedicated to her late boyfriend, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. 

This emotional piece comes ahead of what would have been Forbes’s 36th birthday.

Forbes, an influential figure in the music industry, tragically lost his life on 10 February last year in Durban.

His death deeply affected his family, friends, and fans, including his girlfriend, Nadia Nakai. 

After months of anticipation, Nakai has previewed the tribute song, set to release on 26 January.

Nakai shared a snippet of the song, “Never Leave”, on social media, featuring artist Kashcpt. 

Fans have been deeply moved by the preview, with many sharing their emotions and connecting with the song’s purpose.

Pictured above: Nadia Nakai. 

Image source: X


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