If moo-sic be the lube of love, play on

Arthur Greene

A new lube that’s made with cow snot may help prevent the spread of HIV and herpes, researchers say.

Human cells that had been treated with the lubricant were 70-80% less likely to contract the sexually transmitted diseases.

Mucus plays an important role in the human body. It is found in the nose, throat and oesophagus and helps to kill harmful bacteria and viruses that make their way into the body.

They also contain protective proteins which force the body to cough and sneeze them out.

A cow’s mucus works in the exact same way.

Scientists at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in Sweden found that it can stop STIs from entering the human body.

While 100% of human cells which come into contact with HIV contract the deadly disease, only 20-30% did after they had been treated with the lube containing cow mucus.

Hongji Yan, who led the research, told the Daily Mail that the lube “could be used in both female-to-male sex and male-to-male sex.

“It could offer protection when condom protection is not an available option, or even as back-up protection in case of condom failure or incorrect use,” he said.


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