‘I build churches for the people’ – Malema

By Zukile Majova
Political Editor

With the elections about 40 days away, Julius Malema told potential voters that he has made an immense contribution to the Christian faith in South Africa.

Expressing his love for the church and the Messiah, Malema charmed residents in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The EFF founder plays this ace up his sleeve, knowing black South Africans are deeply committed to the Christian faith and millions of voters would prefer to be led by a Christian.

Leaders contesting the 29 May elections, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, have been campaigning in churches in recent months or invoking the name of the Messiah in their speeches.

About 85% of South Africans identify as Christians.

“I hear there was a fool who went around here saying I don’t want Jesus Christ,” said Malema. “When they say Julius Malema doesn’t love Jesus Christ, you must tell them Julius Malema built a church of Christ in Seshego, where he comes from, in honour of his mother.

“There is a house of the Lord which I built with my own hands and I invited [MK president Jacob] Zuma to go and open that church with me.

“And Zuma came along,” said Malema.

The EFF’s commander-in-chief said he has built not just one church but many.

“I have made a contribution to make sure that this religion of Christianity prospers as any other religion. So I don’t have anything [against Christianity] except that I myself am a Christian. My religion is Christianity.

“My church is Seshogo Baptist Church,” said Juju, to clear approval from the community.

Black people’s struggle for liberation and basic human rights has been linked to the church for more than 100 years.

Nelson Mandela’s ANC was founded in a Methodist Church in Bloemfontein in 1912.

The party has kept close links to the church over the years, with pastors and preachers forming part of its powerful national executive committee.

For decades, the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Madiba personified the significance of the church to the black struggle for liberation.


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