Hijackers smuggle bakkie under brooms

Dalphine Tagwireyi

SAPS in Mpumalanga have busted a stolen Ford Ranger twin cab hidden under a stack of brooms on a truck bound for Mozambique.

The signal of the bakkie, picked up by a car tracking company, led to the interception of the truck at the Lebombo Port of Entry on Saturday. 

The police are searching for the truck’s driver who escaped.

Police established that the bakkie, with false registration plates, was stolen in Sandton, Gauteng on 30 November.

A stack of brooms was used to cover the vehicle on the suspicious-looking Mozambican-registered truck.

The incident was captured on a video that has gone viral on social media platforms. 

The border police said they “noticed a suspicious white truck with Mozambican registration number plate fully loaded with traditional brooms. The tracking company activated their system and picked up a signal that indicated the cargo of the truck. This led to the search and recovery of the car.”

The police said the driver had disappeared and “members went to look for him but they could not find him. They began searching the truck and while removing the brooms, the police discovered a white Ford Ranger with false plates.

“Upon further investigation police found that the vehicle was reported stolen in Sandton on 30 November.”

Mozambique and Zimbabwe are known to be prime destinations for hijacked vehicles.

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