‘Expect God’s anger if you don’t vote MK’ – Zuma

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By Zukile Majova

Umkhonto Wesizwe party leader Jacob Zuma has once again brought Jesus Christ and God into his campaign to get votes ahead of a critical election.

He told a large group of MK supporters outside the Durban High Court that not voting for MK would raise the anger of the ancestors, the son of God and God himself.

Zuma said MK’s campaign to take over the government of the country on behalf of the poor had the blessings of African ancestors and the heavens.

“The heavenly angels and our ancestors who are long gone can see that it is now time for the complete liberation of the black people.

“So if you are against us now, you will be so confused you won’t even understand yourself; people you are against our ancestors, you are against the angels, you are against the Son of God, and you are against God himself,” said Zuma.

Msholozi’s remarks come during one of the holiest weeks in the Christian calendar with congregants about to observe the Last Supper, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Previously when Zuma was president of the ANC, he claimed the ANC would rule until the second coming of Christ.

“I hear people complaining when we say the ANC will rule fully until Jesus comes back but we have been blessed. Pastors have prayed for us,” he said during a door-to-door campaign in Tshwane in 2015.

In his address on Wednesday, Msholozi also said MK wants an end to people voting in secret.

He said there was a plot to rig the elections, starting with increasing the number of special votes by adding ghost voters.

“You see, one of the many things that we will change is this thing of making one’s vote a secret. 

“Why should your vote be a secret? 

“Because we are MK here, we vote as a block of MK supporters and we are proud to be associated with uMkhonto.

“So why is it then when the counting is being done, it is also done in secret?” Zuma asked the approving crowd of MK supporters.

Pictured above: Former president Jacob Zuma addresses MK party supporters outside the Durban High Court. 

Source: Sihle Mavuso/Scrolla.Africa


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