Brilliant flies high

Everson Luhanga

In 2016, Brilliant Nkuna was involved in a life-threatening accident, but he never lost sight of his dream.

Today he is what he wanted to be. A pilot.

Brilliant said it was a tough journey.

“I grew up in a village where opportunities were very limited. I had a huge passion for flying and aeroplanes but I had no idea how I would get into the industry. But I knew I wanted to be a pilot,” he said.

But then came the car crash.

“I hit a pothole with my car. The vehicle rolled several times,” he said.

“I suffered many fractures throughout my body and there was little hope that I would survive. To this day, I call myself the miracle man who escaped death.”

Brilliant survived and so did his dream.

“I saw a newspaper advertisement from a company looking for aircraft engineers and I applied,” he said.

“They took me on and while I was studying aircraft engineering. There was an opportunity for me to study as a pilot and I took both opportunities,” he said.

After completing the aircraft engineering course in Port Elizabeth, Brilliant came to Johannesburg to pursue his dream at Lanseria of becoming a pilot.

His proud moment came in August last year when he did his first solo flight and gained his wings.

“My family was there watching me. That was the moment my dream came true,” he said.

“I should complete my commercial licence in December which will enable me to fly passengers or goods.”

Brilliant said his background and other challenges didn’t define what he wanted in life.

“Anyone can be what they want to be if they dream big,” he said.