Zozibini bows out as Miss Universe

By Mmaditaba

Not only has our own Zozibini Tunzi made history as the longest reigning Miss Universe, but she did so under unprecedented circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Her reign may have ended but for many from Mzansi, she will forever be our Miss Universe.

She was only the third Miss Universe from Mzansi, but was the first woman with an afro to take the crown – a significant acknowledgement of black beauty on the global stage.  

In an emotional moment, Zozi shared how she felt about her reign.

“I’m reminded everyday that my journey wasn’t just mine alone. Thank you for welcoming me into your hearts & walking side by side with me on this important chapter of my life. Once again – May every child who witnessed this moment believe in the absolute power of their dreams”.

Although she could not jet around the globe, Zozi took her responsibility as Miss Universe seriously and made big leaps on the platforms she could – on social media.

One of the things Zozi made clear from the onset was that she would use her platform to speak out against abuse of women and children, and she would not permit the bullying of the current Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida in her name. 

Shudufhadzo was bullied and accused of “trying to be Zozi”, but the latter came out in support of the new national queen to show that there was more than enough space for women to take up without competing. 

“You’re doing the most, I’m so happy to see Limpopo coming out to embrace you and welcome you home. Keep making everyone proud. We love you Miss SA. It’s your time, it’s your season,” Zozi said in response, shutting down the trolls who were seeking to divide the two queens. 

Back at home we have seen how representation has changed the minds of young girls on what beauty is. Parents shared videos and images of their little ones in their “Zozi” haircuts. 

We cannot wait to see what the history making queen will do next. She may no longer be Miss Universe, but the universe is still very much hers.

Picture source: @missosology