Everson Luhanga

Zodwa will be in Soweto this weekend, but not to entertain her fans.

“I am here to thank my ancestors,” she said.

She said she is where she is today because her ancestors have been with her and protected her from evil spirits and evil people.

She told Scrolla.Africa she is slaughtering a goat and sending her appreciation to the people beyond the grave.

She said she didn’t believe in muthi until thugs broke into her house in Malvern, Durban, in April and items worth more than R100,000 were stolen.

The incident happened when no one was home and they were lucky that nothing happened to her, her son and her then-boyfriend.

“But I felt naked,” she said.

“People say I dress naked, but after the robbery, I felt a different kind of naked.”

She said the robbery left her with no choice but to consult sangomas who advised her to appease her ancestors. 

“The sangoma gave me muti which I keep in my house but I am back where I was born in Soweto to do umsebenzi wabaphansi,” she said.

She said since she had her breakthrough in mainstream entertainment about six years ago, she has been blessed that she has kept her status of entertaining the people. 

“I don’t take away any credit from my ancestors and my God. They are with me. That is why I have to thank them now,” she said.

“I am buying a goat on Friday and we are slaughtering it on Saturday.”

She said many people use muthi and believe in ancestors but when they are in public they act as if they had never heard about it 

“But I am an honest person. I say it as it is without sugar-coating. Many people love me because I tell them the naked truth,” she said.

Zodwa is also a businesswoman. She said she is looking forward to her reality show coming up early next year and the Zodwa Wabantu Salons that she is launching in 2021. 

“My lipstick and perfume are already selling like hotcakes,” she said.

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