Zim’s Vice President leaves a trail of sex scandals and angry husbands

Joseph Chirume

Calls are getting louder and louder for Zimbabwe’s Vice President, Kembo Mohadi, to resign.

Mohadi, 71, who has had two collapsed marriages, is accused by angry husbands of destroying their marriages. 

One of the women works in Mohadi’s office as a Central Intelligence Officer.

Mohadi was allegedly approached at his Glen Lorne home by a CIO agent, Jacob Mumpande accusing the vice president of sleeping with his wife, Abbigal Muleya. Mumpande demanded that his wife be removed from Mohadi’s office.

This is after Abbigal was heard on the phone asking Mohadi if he had taken sex enhancing tablets ahead of their meeting later at a lodge.

Mohadi is also accused of bedding Chervaughn Choeni, prompting her husband, Martin Chabuka, to file for divorce. 

In a leaked telephone conversation Mohadi is heard asking: “So, when will you give it to me?” 

Choeni replied that she had come to his office earlier.

“Actually, I had come with the intention of giving it to you,” she said. 

“So you want to give it to me in the office?” asked Mohadi.

“Yes,” responded Choeni.

Mohadi then said: “Okay, there is no other place. We will have to do it in the office.”

Mohadi is also said to be paying full tuition fees for a young girl who lives in Bulawayo. She has allegedly been trying to end the relationship after telling Mohadi that she has a boyfriend her own age.

ZimEye.com on Twitter says, “Mohadi impregnated a Harare based Advanced Level student, giving her an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and making her feel worthless.”

Oliver Zaranyika wrote on Facebook, “I think the Mohadi scandal is just the tip of an iceberg. It is actually a culture in Zanu PF. The country is bleeding left, right and centre. But they are busy thinking about sex.”

A Twitter account in the name of Mohadi’s former wife, Tambudzani Mohadi reports that: “He has a pregnant girlfriend who is in form six. Another girlfriend is his cousin’s child.”

Mohadi divorced Tambudzani, his wife of 30 years in 2017, then quickly married Juliette Mutavhatsindi in 2018 but has not been seen with her since 2019.

Picture source: Zim Live