ZEROES 9: Helen Zille & Julius Malema – the self-defeating opposition

Zukile Majova

Helen Zille and Julius Malema, the unhappy couple in opposition politics, have earned recognition this year for being so bad at fighting the African National Congress.

The ruling ANC has been tearing itself apart, fighting over state largesse dished out through the government tender system.

The raging battle for the soul of the ANC has stopped President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plans to save the country from looters and tenderpreneurs, and brought service delivery to a standstill.

Even the R500 billion raised to fight the Covid-19 pandemic was not spared. Comrades, their friends and family all lined up to steal billions of rands meant to save lives.

But neither Zille’s Democratic Alliance nor Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters could muster enough support to ensure voters punished the ANC government for the looting of funds meant for personal protective equipment in clinics, hospitals, schools and other public service centres.

Instead the opposition leaders pursued a new agenda: reintroducing racial polarisation in the country and creating new battle fields for rightwing and left wing extremists.

We know John Steenhuisen is now the DA leader. But it is Zille, once admired for her role in building up the DA as a party of growth and governance, who is seen as a giant wrecking ball that is demolishing the very same party that she built up.

Last month, the ANC wiped the floor with both the DA and EFF during one of the country’s by-elections and did much the same during another round two weeks ago.

Photo: DA ( and EFF (Facebook)