Woman charged with castrating and killing husband after he planned a third marriage

Dylan Bettencourt

When her husband announced that he was going to marry a third wife, a woman from Shikarpur in India got so jealous that she castrated him.

The man, Wakeel Ahmed, died from his injuries.

It’s reported in the Times of India that 57-year-old Ahmed, a cleric, was planning to get married for the third time. His second wife pleaded with him to not follow through with his plans.

Apparently, after it became clear he had already made up his mind, the accused woman – Ahmed’s second wife – allegedly carried out the attack on Friday. She was arrested and charged with his murder on Saturday.

After the incident, she told investigators on the scene that she stabbed him with a sharp-edged knife while he was sleeping.

Sharad Chand Sharma, deputy police superintendent of Phungana, said: “The woman has confessed to her crime. Her husband wished to marry yet again and she wanted to prevent him. Their argument turned into a major scuffle.”

Image source: @EastMojo