Welcome to the AI sex doll brothel

The world’s first AI brothel, the “Cybrothel,” has opened its doors in Berlin, Germany, and looks set to transform the sex industry with next-generation robotic dolls capable of responding to touch and engaging in real-time conversations. 

Unlike conventional brothels, Cybrothel’s appeal comes from its deployment of life-size sex dolls paired with virtual reality to offer clients a unique experience.

Cybrothel aims to appeal to both seasoned sex-industry customers and newcomers looking for a pressure-free environment. 

Co-owner Matthias Smetana says the brothel provides a judgement-free zone where performance anxiety is non-existent as customers’ interactions are with sex toys rather than humans.

As you can imagine, the groundbreaking approach has led to mixed reactions. 

Emma Bennet, a senior manager at an award-winning Australian brothel, shared scepticism about customers’ readiness to embrace “sci-fi sex”, saying that the value of human touch and connection can’t be overemphasised, the New York Post reported.

Similarly, sexologist Alice Child warns that substituting AI for human intimacy could deny individuals the human aspects of sexual experiences, including vulnerability and emotional connection.

Pictured above: The Cybrothel. 

Image source: X


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