Volunteer teacher one of Limpopo’s finest

By Nkhensani Mthombeni

For four years, volunteer teacher Vutivi Nghwana’s pupils have produced a 100% pass rate in all the subjects he has taught them. 

The 25-year-old teacher from Bonn Village near Tzaneen in Limpopo taught Life Orientation, Tourism and Social Sciences at Sedan High School for Grades 10-12. 

He joined the school in 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown and was asked to teach Tourism to Grade 12s as there was no one to teach the subject. 

He did not hesitate, and although he was only paid R1,200 each month in the beginning, he still gave his best. 

Eventually, he would apply for an educator’s assistant contract and get paid a stipend. When the contract ended, the parents of the learners contributed R50 a term to help pay him and other volunteers. That upped the stipend to R2,000 a month. 

On Saturday, he was recognised for being the Best Volunteer Teacher in Limpopo for achieving such exceptional results.

The honour was bestowed by Vutivi I Ndzhaka, a non-profit organisation established by academics from the neighbouring villages of Sedan, Bonn, Mafarana and Mulati, that host career days for learners and recognise top-performing teachers.

Vutivi told Scrolla.Africa the award means a lot to him. 

“I’m glad that all the hard work I put in is recognised. I also applaud my learners for taking instructions and committing themselves to their studies,” he said.

Although Vutivi rescued the situation at the school by standing in as tourism teacher, he resigned last month to follow his dream of working in the tourism industry.

“It hurts my heart to leave the learners and the school. I tried registering with Unisa for a teaching course but I was rejected three times. I will always be available for school during the holidays if I’m not busy. 

“I hope to host a huge party with all my learners from 2020 and celebrate our successes. I sleep better at night knowing I have changed many people’s lives,” Vutivi said.

Pictured above: Vutivi Nghwana. 

Image source: Supplied


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