Vegan diet turbocharges female sex drive

A new study from Stanford University claims that changing to a vegan diet can boost a woman’s sex drive by a massive 383%! 

This revelation comes from the Netflix docuseries You Are What You Eat, where identical twins switched to a plant-based diet and saw some frisky results.

In the unique experiment, two sets of female twins, Pam and Wendy, and Carolyn and Rosalyn, were put to the test.

They watched a variety of videos (yes, including porn!) while scientists measured the temperature of their genitals – a key indicator of arousal.

First up was a bird documentary for a baseline reading, then onto the steamier stuff. The tests were done before and after the twins went vegan for eight weeks.

Post-vegan diet, the results were hot! Pam’s arousal skyrocketed by 371%, and her twin, Wendy, wasn’t far behind with a 288% increase. Carolyn topped the charts with a 383% surge, while Rosalyn experienced a 212% jump.

While the exact science behind the libido lift is still unknown, the Stanford brainiacs think it’s all about those veggie nutrients boosting blood flow down south.

Men take note: it’s still a mystery if going vegan has the same sexy effects for you. 

With a recent study highlighting men’s hesitance to embrace veganism for fear of it not being “manly”, this could be a game-changer!

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Pictured above: Vegan diet food. 

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