Valentine’s Day axe for Greyhound buses

Everson Luhanga

It’s the end of an era for South African travellers.

Greyhound announced on Wednesday it is shutting down its Greyhound and Citiliner bus networks from 14 February – Valentine’s Day.

This will not only leave hundreds of employees without jobs but it’s also a heartbreak for its devoted passengers who have been using it for 37 years. Greyhound has 5,900 employees and its closure would mean disaster for the employees.

The group’s website says it now carries more than 14 million passengers a year, covering over 25 million kilometres.

Many people on social media have been speculating that the Covid-19 pandemic has wrecked the economy which has forced the group to call it quits in the transportation business.

The lockdown block on inter-provincial travel was probably a killer blow for the business.

Sebenzile Mwavi, a frequent passenger, says she used the service to travel between the Eastern Cape and back to Johannesburg for the past 19 years. “When I heard about this announcement, I got so emotional. The buses have been part of my life for many years,” she said.

In their Tweet, the company said: “Greyhound and Citiliner are closing operations. Services will run until 14 February 2021. Passengers with tickets booked for services after this date will be refunded. For assistance with refunds, contact Call Centre: 087 352 0352 or email: [email protected]

Picture source: @GreyhoundRSA

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