‘Tyla has no talent’ — MacG

MacG, the master of mischief and host of “Podcast and Chill,” has claimed that Grammy-award-winning Tyla has no talent. 

In a clip that’s spreading like wildfire across social media, MacG boldly puts Tyla’s skyrocketing success down to her management team, hinting that they could turn anyone into a star, talent optional. 

The co-host, Sol Phenduka, looked shocked as MacG suggested that the real talents, like Msaki, are the ones missing out on the golden ticket to stardom.

The duo then said that Tyla’s management once had Sho Madjozi under their wing, stirring the pot even more. 

Tyla’s drama does not end there, her recent world tour announcement has fans in a frenzy, but for all the wrong reasons. 

While she will have stops in the UK, Europe, and North America, there are no stops in any African countries, especially her homeland, South Africa. 

“How can you not perform in SA?” cried one disappointed follower.

Pictured above: Tyla.

Image source: X


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