Two suspects killed as police foil robbery 

By Everson Luhanga

Two suspects were shot dead and eleven were arrested at Tulisa Park in Johannesburg when police foiled an armed robbery on Thursday morning.

Gauteng Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Elias Mawela, who visited the scene, said the police intercepted a convoy of vehicles carrying 20 heavily armed men on their way to rob businesses in the area.

“After realising that thugs were on their premises, business owners activated their private security who then called for police back up. Several police units came to the scene where a shootout ensued with the suspects,” said Mawela.

Chaos ensued when the police arrived, as suspects attempted to jump into passing cars to get away, with some suspects even attempting to hijack motorists in a bid to evade arrest.

“The suspects will be charged with business robbery, attempted hijacking, possession of unlicensed firearms,” Mawela added.

Mawela applauded the officers for their response, as they arrived swiftly on the scene.

“It was their bad day in the office. They met their match,” he said about the suspects.

He said the group could be one of the many criminal gangs which terrorise Gauteng residents.

Business owner John Henning said when he heard gunshots he went outside to check, only to find police and security exchanging gunshots with the robbers. 

“It was a scary moment. I had to go back into the shop and tell everyone to lay down. When the dust settled, we heard two people had been shot dead and many arrested,” Henning said. 

He said this robbery at the industrial area was not the first one. 

“Recently a gang of robbers drilled a hole in the wall to gain access to my business and robbed me,” he said.

Mawela said the police have declared a war on robbers after they launched their safer festive season campaign.

He said in the past 24 hours, detectives traced and arrested over 900 wanted suspects across the province.

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