Top maskandi artist claims managers trade gigs for sex

By Celani Sikhakhane

A prominent maskandi artist has made shocking claims that some municipal managers demand sex before offering musicians gigs or payments.

Mthandeni Manqele, who performs as Igcokama Elisha, made these claims in a video in which he complains that his song titled “Paris” was not chosen as Ukhozi FM’s song of the year.

Manqele said that he will never stage a big event of his own because such gigs demand municipal sponsorships in order to be successful. 

“There are municipality managers who want to sleep with us as musicians before they approve our events and payments. You will find a man asking you to visit him in a certain hotel in Umhlanga in Durban so that he could have sex with you and approve your gig. 

“That is why I will never ever do any [big] event in my life because I can’t afford to sleep with another man.” 

Manqele’s song “Paris”, which did not take the number one spot in the annual Song of the Year competition, did win second place. Leading the pack on Ukhozi FM with 993,667 votes was “Umjolo Lowo”’ by Khuzani, featuring Luve Dubazane.

On other radio stations, the song most played was “Iplan” by Dlala Thukzin.

Pictured above: Mthandeni Manqele.

Image source: X


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