This is what idiots look like with their masks off

The anti-maskers who are spreading across the United States might look like lunatics.

But in fact they are enthusiastic supporters of President Donald Trump.

They are upholding their freedom to do what they like – never mind who gets sick or dies.

Trump seldom wears a mask and has incited his followers to disobey restrictions on wearing masks in stores and other public places.

He holds mass indoor rallies where no-one wears a mask or is socially distanced.

This week he slapped down his own most senior health officials for saying that people should wear masks.

But just as the anti-mask movement continues to spread, so does the coronavirus.


The United States Covid-19 death toll has just passed 200,000.

President Trump is hoping to get re-elected in seven weeks – if he hasn’t killed off his supporters by then.

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