The sexy sangoma who is twerking her way up Africa

Mkhuseli Sizani

Sangoma Nomdakazana Dlamini is conquering Africa with her sexy moves. 

The multi-talented sangoma and musician, originally from Enyandeni, Eastern Cape, currently based in Randburg, Joburg told Scrolla.Africa she was proudly Mpondo.

“It’s my calling to promote my culture, and my dance moves are a part of it,” she said.

“I guess I’m blessed with a happy, sexy spirit. I infuse my African twerk with spiritual moves.”

She said her calling guides her in her career moves and she even turns down work.

“I work with people’s spirits not with them directly. I don’t go where I’m not supposed to be. I simply say I’m not available.” 

On stage, Nomdakazana competes with her husband, Thami Mathe for the best moves. 

“When I twerk, my husband knows that is not his wife performing. He knows Nomdakazana is at work and he doesn’t get jealous,” she said.

“We don’t tease each other but we entice the audience. They bet on who’s going to be sexier.”

And what happens once they leave the stage?

“After that, we go back to being a happy husband and wife,” she said. 

Nomdakazana said it hurts to be taken for granted in her hometown and not get recognition.

After ten years in the industry it is still almost impossible for her to perform in the Eastern Cape.

“Men ask me for sexual favours before they put me on a lineup,” she said.

“Event organisers are reluctant to pay my rate because they have paid the artist who is the flavour-of-the-month at that time. That is when I break their hearts and show them they should buy talent and not fame. I take the crowd so when the main act comes I am still ringing in their heads.” 

Nomdakazana said her Nigerian song, Chineke Mme, is loved in West Africa. 

She has collaborated on many songs with different artists in Africa and she has also released two full albums and singles in her 12-year music career. 

Nomdakazana has been nominated for Best Female Entertainer at the Eastern Cape Music Awards to take place on 12 December in East London.

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