The giant dagga kop who helped save the world

There are many heroes in the defeat of Donald Trump, but one you might not have heard of is a tattooed giant who:

-Lives in a converted car dealership instead of his official residence

-Loves dagga

John Fetterman is the Lieutenant Governor of Philadelphia, the capital of the state of Pennsylvania which is a crucial part of the electoral map – and which gave Joe Biden his victory over Trump.

He avoids suits, is more than two metres tall, and is famous for being pro dagga before it was fashionable. 

The 51-year-old Fetterman is seen as a potential star of the left wing of the Democrats. As one Twitter fan noted: “our Lt. Gov is not just some big lovable mascot but a smart dude with a track record of actually doing shit and broadly appealing policy positions. The future of the electable left looks like John and his family.”

Fetterman helped lead the battle against Trump’s false allegations about voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

At one point he said: Trump “can sue a ham sandwich” but it won’t change ballots from being lawfully received and counted.

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