Suspects cheated death – but their troubles are just starting

Mkhuseli Sizani

They may have had a miracle-escape from death, but that’s only the start of their troubles. They still have to explain to the Anti-Gang Unit why they didn’t stop at a roadblock.

According to police, four men in a VW Golf didn’t stop at a roadblock and crashed into a taxi. The Golf rolled twice, and the injured and trapped occupants were freed with the jaws of life. 

Eyewitness Nkosikhona Ndyenge told Scrolla.Africa he was helping a female passenger to get onto a taxi when there was a massive accident. This is what he saw on Saturday on the Old Uitenhage Road in Govan Mbeki Township, Port Elizabeth:

  • “First I saw a Golf approaching at high speed and then I saw a police vehicle coming from the Kleinskool side and another one from Missionvale.” 
  • “Then two shots were fired but the Golf didn’t stop. The cops blocked its way and that’s when it collided head-on with the taxi”. 
  • “The Golf rolled twice and there was a big cloud of dust. I thought it was going to explode.”

It appears that the driver refused to stop when the Anti-Gang Unit tried to stop them. The cops gave chase and the Metro Police joined from the other side.

Nkosikhona said cops came rushing in with their firearms pointed at the suspects, who had to be freed with the jaws of life.

Captain Sandra van Rensburg said the passengers were seriously injured and the driver detained. Only one of the 14 taxi passengers was taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, while the cops were attending to this scene, a silver Toyota Avanza with three males and three females tried to drive past.

The cops stopped the car as it was linked to a robbery earlier in the morning, and the driver was arrested.

The visibly drunk female passengers apparently insisted the police take them to the bushes to relieve themselves. 

An officer told Scrolla.Africa they were occupants that may have been involved in a robbery in Despatch. They recovered a replica firearm, but the occupants could not positively be linked to the robbery.

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