Surviving Covid, strengthening marriage – and having great sex

Everson Luhanga

Covid-19 has played havoc with personal relationships and marriages.

But there are also couples who have come out stronger on the other side.

A group of couples celebrated their successful bonds in spite of lockdown at a function in Centurion on Saturday.

Marriage counsellor, Dr Lloyd Zulu, was invited to the event because he was instrumental in helping couples during the lockdown.

He said he had seen many cases where marriages were on the verge of breaking down. 

“Sometimes, wives would say they couldn’t stand seeing their husband every day when they didn’t go to work.”

He said men seemed to suffer more pressure than women to provide for their families.

“Some women wanted their husbands to treat them and provide for them as if the world was normal,” he said.

“Couples were not used to being with each other all day, every day and it created such arguments that pastors and myself as a counsellor were called in to intervene.

But other couples said the Covid-19 lockdown helped them connect better.

Nkele Banda, 38 years old, said her husband of 10 years had a very hectic work schedule before Covid.

“He worked Monday to Friday and came home late every day. But during the lockdown, he showed the family that he cared for us,” she said.

She said they spent their time in lockdown as a family. 

“It was so great. It was like the true love one experiences when you just meet someone. We spend our time together and had a lot of good sex,” she said.

She said her husband took the time to run a bath for the children, cooked for them and helped her with the daily chores.

“For me lockdown was the best,” she said.

Nkele advised other married women to not put their extra pressure on their men because they might be fighting battles at work which they don’t always reveal to their partners.