Social media community comes to the aid of disabled EC learner

By Anita Dangazele

An Eastern Cape teenager, who despite having to use her foot to write, passed matric and managed to get into university, received an overwhelming response from social media users after pleading for financial assistance on Facebook.

Khanyisa Kufa, 19, from the remote town of Dutywa, has cerebral palsy which has affected the use of her hands. She uses her foot to write. 

Kufa shared on Facebook that she had been accepted to study towards a degree in Communication Management at the University of Fort Hare, but was unable to register due to financial struggles.

Social media users including Eastern Cape Education MEC Fundile Gade and some of her former teachers dug into their pockets to help the 19-year-old pay for her registration fees and living expenses, while she waits for NSFAS to approve her funding. 

“As a young person with a disability, I had a great support system at school and passing my matric was one of the goals I needed to reach for myself,” she said.

Kufa matriculated at Dutywa’s Colosa Senior Secondary School, which achieved a 98.2% pass rate in 2023. 

She said she dreams of one day becoming a journalist. 

“When I passed my matric with a bachelor pass, I was very happy but the question was how I would further my studies.”

She said the Facebook post was her last resort.

“I was not even sure if people would assist me because I have seen before where people have asked for help and their pleas fell on deaf ears.” 

Thanks to the power of social media, the 19-year-old is now settled at the University of Fort Hare’s Alice campus.

Pictured: Khanyisa Kufa, 19, using her foot to write.

Image Source: Supplied


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