Singing star goes from pulpit to plough

Linda Ximba

Gospel star Babo Ngcobo has ventured into the farming and property businesses saying he is preparing himself for life after his music career. 

The Durban-based artist told Scrolla.Africa that being forced to sit at home not performing during the lockdown prompted him to start the businesses.

His new venture is based in the semi-rural area in Mzinyathi in Inanda north of Durban.

Babo owns a herd of cattle, goats, three horses and geese. He has bought a piece of land in Inanda where he intends to establish cottages.

“Having been in the music industry for nearly 30 years, I have learnt a lot from established artists. I have seen up and coming artists wasting money on flashy cars and renting out top flats. 

“With the little I am making, I felt it wise to invest in farming. Currently I have three employees but the ultimate goal is to employ as many as possible because we want to empower the locals.

“The area I’m living in suits my business very well because my clientele are people who slaughter cows or goats every month,” said the 47-year-old artist who has three albums under his belt.

Babo said while many artists were affected by the lockdown, his situation wasn’t that bad.

“It was painful to see my fellow artists losing cars and some getting evicted from their flats as a result of failing to keep up with monthly rents and installments,” said Babo. 

He said he has designed a national marketing drive to promote his third album titled Uhambo 3

“Once the country goes back to normal, I will be on the road promoting this album and reconnect with my fans who have missed seeing me perform live,” he concludes.

Image source: @lordbear_pictures