Sick of being messed around by the bank?

Arthur Greene

Is there anything more infuriating than having a money problem which your bank just won’t fix?

In a video which went viral this week, a man in Warri, Nigeria was brought to the brink by his bank.

The man stripped to protest about the sum of N300,000 (R10,000) being illegally withdrawn from his account.

“I hate nonsense,” the man yelled, as the bank staff repeatedly told him that they could not help him.

The distraught man screams at the bank staff that the theft has meant he can no longer send his children to school.

In the clip, which is almost two minutes long, the enraged man begins shouting before gradually removing each item of clothing.


The bank’s security guards attempt to defuse the situation but the man couldn’t be calmed.

Video source: YouTube

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