Shrinking the curve: doctors warn that Covid can shorten your penis

Arthur Greene

A US man has revealed that the length of his penis shrank by at least 1.5 inches (almost 4cm) after he suffered from Covid-19.

The unnamed man, who identified himself as being straight and in his thirties, said that while before his penis was “above average” size, it is now “decidedly less than average”.

Appearing on the podcast “How to Do It | Sex Advice with Stoya and Rick,” the man said he was hospitalised after becoming sick with the virus in July 2021.

The man, who did not reveal whether he had been vaccinated, said he then began suffering from erectile dysfunction.

And then, he said, he realised he had “a lasting problem.”

“My penis shrunk,” he told the hosts of the podcast. 

He was told by medical experts that the shrinkage was caused by vascular damage.

“It has had a profound impact on my self-confidence in my abilities in bed.”

Doctors have since supported the man’s claims that Covid-19 can cause the penis to get smaller.

A recent study by University College London found that a shortened penis can be a rare symptom among those suffering from long Covid.

US urologist Dr. Charles Welliver told the Daily Mail that Covid-19 can cause erectile dysfunction, which can in turn lead to penis shrinkage.

Another US urologist Dr. Ashley Winter concurred, telling the publication “Covid Dick is a real thing.”

Medical experts from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found evidence that Covid can remain present in the penis “long after the initial infection”. They warned, however, that further studies will be required to prove that Covid-19 can affect sexual function.

Our message to any guys reading this story: if you haven’t done it already, go and get the jab.

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