Shebeshxt slaps fan

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Shebeshxt, the Limpopo music sensation, is all over the internet again, and it’s not because of his talents as a musician. 

A jaw-dropping clip hit the social media streets showing Shebeshxt giving a fan a not-so-loving slap right across the face. 

The video shows him looking mad before he decides to let his hand do the talking. And then, just like that, he departs the scene, leaving everyone in shock.

Social media users were out in full force, criticising Shebeshxt left, right and centre for his actions. 

“This ShebeShxit guy is so stupid, his career won’t last for long,” one user commented.

“Lol, this guy will be arrested again,” another added. 

Another wrote: “His is movin’ too fast and he has caught that case, fought the case and lost that case.” 

Pictured above: Shebeshxt. 

Image source: X


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