RISING PRICES: Ghana’s sex workers demand satisfaction

Ghana’s sex workers, feeling the brunt of the country’s economic meltdown, have started charging their customers almost double for their services.

Until recently, many sex workers on the streets of Ghana had been charging 50 cedis (7 dollars) for a short session of between 15-20 minutes and 300 cedis (40 dollars) for a full night.

“Some people don’t cum quick. If you know you don’t release early you have to give her more money. You have to pay the girl well to make her happy,” one of the sex workers told local media.

Since the increase in fuel prices, which has affected the prices of goods and services across most of the world, the sex workers say they need to raise their prices.

The majority of the sex workers have increased their charges by up to 100%.

“There has been an increase in goods lately. To pay my rent is difficult now and because of that, I have increased my price,” one sex worker said.

However, the same financial challenges that the country is facing are holding some clients from seeking her services.


“That is chasing my clients away,” she lamented.

While the country awaits economic interventions, clients of these sex workers may have no option but to find a middle ground between satisfaction and strong finances.

Image source: The Maravi Post

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