By Celani Sikhakhane

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the Traditional Prime Minister to the Zulu nation and Monarch, lost his ability to talk and was taken into an intensive care unit at a hospital in Kwazulu-Natal on Tuesday.

Independent sources close to the Buthelezi family and within the IFP confirmed to Scrolla.Africa that Buthelezi was in ICU and no longer able to communicate. 

Previously it was reported that the founder of the Inkatha Freedom Party had been admitted to hospital for back pain treatment and then released. 

His spokesperson Liezl van der Merwe issued a statement saying the 95-year-old was later readmitted for a further treatment and recovery.

But fear gripped the Zulu nation when he missed annual events linked to the Buthelezi Legacy Project, including an annual lecture and the related soccer tournament at the weekend.

Other sources have expressed their deep concern and even suggested transferring him to Garden Clinic in eMpangeni for better treatment.

“It’s very bad and he is no longer speaking. We are very concerned and we need him more than before as we are facing hooligans in the party who want to destroy it and remove President Velenkosini Hlabisa,” a source said.

Van der Merwe confirmed that Buthelezi is still in the hospital and told Scrolla.Africa that his health is improving.

“Prince Buthelezi is still in hospital receiving treatment and recovering,” said Van der Merwe in a short response.

“He was in ICU where he was treated, then he was taken to high care and now he is in a normal ward. I can confirm to you that he is responding very well and he talked to me during he visit.”

Anglican Bishop Thabo Makgoba shared that he had visited Buthelezi in the hospital and spent quality time with him.

As Buthelezi’s health remains a matter of concern, the nation hopes and prays for his recovery, while internal political tensions continue to unfold within the IFP.

Pictured above: Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Image source: Twitter


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