Pastors pray for an end to looting

Everson Luhanga

Pastors in Soweto have come together in a prayer session to take on the violent protests that rocked parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces.

Pastors said the main reason for the prayer session held in Braamfischerville in Soweto was to say “No!” to the looting and destruction of government infrastructures which benefit the people.

Pastor Simphiwe Nhlapo of Tabernacle Worship Centre said the church cannot sit back while some few individuals destroy the country. 

“As a pastor, it is my obligation to intervene and preach to the people that the looting and destroying of infrastructure is wrong in the eyes of God.

“It is important to make the community understand from the church perspective that God would not be happy with them,” said Pastor Nhlapo.

The pastor stressed to the crowd that came to the prayers that what people did during the riots was stealing. 

“The Bible tells us that ‘thou shall not steal’ but we have seen people breaking and taking items from shops that don’t belong to them. 

“That is stealing and there is a punishment from God for such people,” said Nhlapo.

Pastor Themba Zikhali of Life-Changing Church said since the protests started, he has been holding prayers with elders of the society to help tell young people involved in the violence to repent. “We are saying no to looting and no to things that are a shame in God’s eyes.”

Zikhali said people who truly know God would never involve committing this crime which has left so many people distraught. “We have seen many innocent people being affected, some even died. 

“A small baby was shot with a stray bullet. We cannot allow all this to happen. People must return to God and love their neighbour as the Bible says,” he said.