Nigerian kids get famous by making fun of the famous

Four kids from Nigeria are shaking up the entertainment world by making fun of some of the world’s biggest stars.

The Ikorodu Bois’ skits of movie trailers and music videos – using household items like a wheelbarrow for a luxury car – have gone viral on social media. 

Ikorodu Bois is the Instagram name of the young comics, who hail from Ikorodu in Lagos State.

The group is made up of three brothers – Babatunde Sanni, 23, Muiz Sanni, 15, Malik Sanni, 10 – and their cousin Fawas Aina, 13. Eldest brother Babatunde edits the videos and manages the group.

Babatunde told CNN that they used to play around at home and then one day he suggested they put their stuff online.

They started out making fun of Nigeria’s stars but soon went international.

Now they are followed by some of the world’s biggest celebrities, such as Nigerian stars Davido and Burna Boy, actor Dwayne Johnson and basketball star LeBron James.

American actor and rapper Will Smith shared a clip of their version of the trailer of Bad Boys Forever on Instagram saying: “This is GENIUS”.

They were invited to Hollywood to attend the launch of the movie Extraction 2 whose trailer they had had fun with on Twitter and Instagram.

After they made fun of the hit show Money Heist Now, the makers of the show, Netflix, sent them a package of equipment for movie production.