Municipality in no rush to recover wasted R1.5-million 

By Sihle Mavuso

Excerpt: The Govan Mbeki municipality in Mpumalanga paid a company R1.5-million 18 months ago for services it has yet to receive. 

The ANC-run Govan Mbeki local municipality in Secunda, Mpumalanga, does not appear to be in a rush to recover the R1.5-million it paid to a company for services it never received.

After a four-month investigation, a forensic report by Leepile Attorneys Inc. showed in March that J Mabhengu Transportation was given a R1.5-million tender to supply and install valves at a municipal water plant.

The company submitted an invoice on 5 December 2022, which was paid in full by 9 December 2022 despite failing to deliver or install the valves.

“Their services were (are) still not rendered and goods still not delivered on 27 October 2023, when the municipality became aware that they paid J Mabhengu for work not done,” the attorneys wrote.

The municipality has yet to explain the disciplinary actions against three senior officials who allegedly lied about J Mabhengu Transportation delivering goods and deserving payment.

Scrolla.Africa has learned that one employee, who was expected to face charges of dishonesty and breaking the Municipal Finance Management Act, and another employee, who was supposed to face charges of neglecting their duties, are still working.

Only one official faces gross negligence and dishonesty charges and has been made a “scapegoat,” according to a well-placed source.

The municipality told Scrolla.Africa: “We want to finish our internal processes before sharing information with the public or the media.”

Pictured above: The municipality says the matter is an internal one.  

Source: Facebook


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