Midnight inferno sparked by illegal electric connection kills four

Four people died and dozens were left homeless in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a blaze engulfed a squatter camp in Alexandra.

The fire was caused by a spark from an illegal electric connection.

Korotsoane Dominc Khama said he watched his uncle burning to ashes after he struggled to put the fire out.

“My uncle Tankiso Johannes Khama was sleeping. 

“When the fire started just outside Tankiso’s shack, he and many people were already asleep. His shack was the first to catch fire.”

The fire quickly spread out of control and left four dead and many people in the cold.

This comes just over a month after a family left a leaking gas cannister on that caused a fire that burnt down another 200 shacks on 5th July.

Obed Makondo, the leader of the squatter group, said people were still in the process of rebuilding their lives when they experienced this further tragedy.

Makondo said the fires started soon after midnight when everyone was asleep.

Olga Buthelezi, pictured above, said if it wasn’t for her neighbour, she would be dead as well. “When I heard my neighbour calling my name it was like I was dreaming. 

“Because I sell cigarettes, I thought he [the neighbour] was coming at that hour of the night to buy some. He kept on pushing the door and telling me to come out as the fires were fast approaching.

“I left the room naked and dashed out. 

“One of my neighbours got burnt to death,” she said.

Shantel Meyers said she doesn’t know where she will sleep now and how she will rebuild her life again.

She has her three young children (the youngest being one month old). “The first July incident happened when I was heavily pregnant and I lost everything. 

“Now I have nothing again with everything just a heap of ashes,” she said.

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