Man mocked for filling his taxi with an unusual load

Kabelo Tlhabanelo

When taxi driver Simon Duiker needed transport for bricks to extend his house he found the bakkies-for-hire were too expensive.

The transport from a building material warehouse in Botshabelo to his house in section H in the township would have cost R400. 

So Simon decided to load the bricks inside his taxi.

People laughed at Simon but he didn’t care.

He told Scrolla.Africa: “Last week I went to buy two pallets of building bricks. There were bakkies there to help customers with deliveries but they asked for money that I couldn’t afford.” 

He said he decided to load the bricks into his taxi and take them home where he was building two rooms. 

“I saw the man who was taking the video but I thought he was a friend of the building warehouse staff. I was shocked when I got home and my family showed me the video,” he said. 

“I want to meet that person and tell him it was my taxi and I did nothing wrong. I did not mix passengers with bricks. People load building materials in the cars all the time. My taxi is not damaged and still works perfectly.”

A taxi driver said Simon made them laugh. 

“But he is a stingy owner. R400 is not a lot of money compared to the damage the bricks will do to his taxi. I heard people calling his taxi ‘Stene Taxi’, which means brick taxi.”

But Simon said he’s not bothered with what people say.

“My rooms are being built and I have saved money. People should learn to mind their own business,” he said. 

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