Malema: “I’m going to be president of this country whether you like it or not”

Celani Sikhakhane

Julius Malema has given South Africa a preview of where he thinks his political ambitions will lead.

During the “Kill the Boer” case at the Randburg Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, Malema told Afriforum that he was going to be president of South Africa whether people liked it or not.

“And I will preside over the affairs of this country, including you. I think you must just start to adjust to reality,” said Malema.

The fierce argument between Malema and Afriforum advocate Mark Oppenheimer has attracted interest across South African racial groups since Malema’s first grilling on the witness stand.

Malema told the court that singing Dubulibhunu has never instigated any violence against farmers.

He said it’s a struggle song which is not an instruction to kill any one.

Malema told Oppenheimer that when King Dingane said “bulalani laba bathakathi” it was an instruction to the Zulu regiments in Nkandla to kill the Boers. The words mean “kill the witches.”

“It was an instruction to kill, not a song,” he said.  

He was clarifying that his party has never sent anyone to kill farmers.

Oppenheimer also pointed Malema to comments he made some years back that he would not rule out calling for the slaughter of white people in the future.

Malema responded by saying he wouldn’t take that pledge to call for such slaughter.

He said if he is instructed to distance himself from the Dubulibhunu it would be as if he were distancing himself from the struggle.

Oppenheimer compared Malema’s desire for the legal and constitutional revolution to Nazis using law to murder the Jews.

Outside court Malema told his supporters that even if they kill him the struggle wouldn’t end because many Malemas have been created in every household.


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