Makhadzi dancer raises the roof… then falls off of it

Linda Ximba

A back-up dancer of the Limpopo singer Makhadzi was injured after falling from a roof while dancing during a performance in KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga over the weekend.

Rush Mabanana nearly broke his ribs and badly injured his back while dancing to the Limpopo singer’s hit song, “Ghanama”.

The incident was captured in a video which has since circulated on social media.

While the song played, Mabanana went up to the venue’s rooftop and stirred up excitement among the crowd of fans with his famous moves.

He didn’t realise, however, that the roof was unstable and could not support his weight. A few moments after he began to dance, the roof collapsed and Mabanana fell awkwardly to the ground. 

Concerned fans rushed to attend to him and he was whisked to a nearby hospital where he was treated for minor back and leg injuries.

“I was enjoying myself and the crowd got me going. I didn’t realise the roof was not that strong,” the dancer told Scrolla.Africa.

He said that he was not badly injured in the incident, despite being taken to hospital by the concerned fans.

“I was overwhelmed when the fans came to my aid and I was rushed to the nearby hospital. I was discharged the following day,” he said.

The dancer said that next time he will err on the side of caution, whether he is performing on stage or elsewhere.

Makhadzi could not be reached for comment.