Mac Maharaj: “A watershed moment”

Everson Luhanga

Mac Maharaj, President Zuma’s former spokesman and a hero of the liberation struggle, has come out in favour of the judgement.

Zuma’s supporters grew even thinner after Tuesday’s remarkable Concourt ruling sentencing the former president to 15 months in prison when Maharaj described the judgement as a watershed moment.

Maharaj said that the constitution had been under attack and the ruling demonstrated that everyone is equal under the law. 

He said this is the moment that closed the chapter of abuse of power. “The evidence is overwhelming that under Zuma’s administration corruption developed to the point where it became endemic in our system.”

Maharaj was appointed as Zuma’s spokesman in 2011, and at first denied that Zuma’s government was corrupt. However, when he realised that things were not right, he said, he decided to retire.

Image source: Lesley University