When looters left Alex’s vulnerable without food, the father of Alex took it upon himself to feed them

Everson Luhanga

While violent protests continue to cause havoc across Alexandra, Linda Twala is making sure the most vulnerable are fed.

Twala said the bedridden, the elderly, the infirm, children, and the disabled who cannot join the looting found themselves desperate for food.

He said while the looters are causing havoc in the community, he has been busy identifying people who need help. 

The 77-year-old Twala, known to the community of Alex as the “Father of Alexandra,” said he nearly shed a tear when he saw the damage caused by the protestors. 

“I know that there are some good people who didn’t participate in the looting.

“What is the most disappointing thing about the whole thing is that most of the looted shops were sponsored and have been helping the most needy in the township.

“Most of them relied on the same shops that were looted to buy food.

“With the destruction of all the shops at Alex’s Pan Africa Mall, the needy don’t know where to turn to for food and basics. That’s where I come in,” he said.

On Tuesday morning, looters returned to the mall and were busy looting when children and mothers queued to get food and warm blankets from Twala.

Twala said the protestors have ruined the township he has lived in since he was born, and he has never seen this degree of destruction.

“I know there are innocent children who don’t know anything about what is happening in their country. They want to live and be happy. I brought some food in my truck to help the most vulnerable children who cannot afford to buy anything or even loot them,” said Twala.

“What will happen now, as we don’t have shops and businesses that used to feed these children and the bedridden? I am very disappointed in our people.”

Twala, who would not be drawn into politics when asked about the cause of the chaos, said all he wants to see is people – especially children – happy and be given all available support.

“What I know is that people in this township are hungry and have no jobs. 

“The unemployment rate has steadily been increasing. Most of these people are frustrated. But this is not the reason for the destruction caused.”